Monday, October 31, 2011

Suzannah B. Troy Calls Stu Loeser re: NY Pensions

Stu Loeser does not return calls.

Wow, Stu has some job!  How much does he get paid and does he have a parking placard?

Questions for Stu....

1) Steve Rattner
2) Goldman Sachs considering their lousy job on FDNY NYPD pensions is Goldman Sachs involved in Mike’s late in the game -- corrupt ridden 3rd term -- pension restructuring?
3)Did Rupert Murdoch in any way shape or form influence the restructuring of pensions to completely cut John Liu out in retaliation for Liu using 95 million dollars worth of News Corp stock of pensions he oversees to vote along with other shareholders to ouster Rupert Murdoch as chairman and for putting the kibosh on 27 million dollar wireless generation deal (wireless owned by Murdoch) with Board of Ed NYC gov.

4) Stu was axing John Liu out retaliation by Mike Bloomberg for John Liu exposing the largest white collar crimes EVER in NYC gov history starting with CityTime and ECTP.

Updates Occupy Wall St. Staying...Read NY Pensions Bloomberg Murdoch Hatchet Job

Occupy Wall Streeters did not get evicted tonight despite having their generators removed to makes this blizzard even harder to endure but Rupert Murdoch not an official ruler oops NYC gov official along with recently deposed king of New York Mike Bloomberg did evict John Liu from any power and control....the death blows were prepared with attacks from The NY Times 1st on campaign laws allegedly broken by John Liu rumored to be done in Rudy style and than came the double hatchet Bloomberg Murdoch death blows payback for Liu exposing Mike Bloomberg as the most corrupt inept mayor shutting down The Tax Payer’s Titanic CityTime and ECTP aka CityTime 2 but Rupert Murdoch wanted to shut Liu out because of  Liu controlled 95 million dollars in stock of the NY Pensions in News Corp and demanded Murdoch’s ouster because of the phone hacking scandals which I found in Gawker article.  You do have to click on all my links like a cracker jack boxes until you get to the Gawker article and The NY Times article on Liu shutting Murdoch out of a 27 million dollar deal with NYC gov board of ed schools and Rupe’s Wireless Generation..... 

so instead of pension reform in the 1st term we get it now to keep the 1 percenters in charge of pensions so they can exploit rob raid the NY Pensions worth mega billions -- oops I meant to say manage them.

Is Steve Rattner going to advise Mike on the pensions or is being banned by the SEC for pay to play NY Pensions enough of a message it is a conflict of interest?  How about Goldman Sachs who did an awful job handling the FDNY and NYPD’s pensions.     Mayor Mike Bloomberg more than bungled CityTime, pushed SAIC like cocaine at a Hollywood party and allowed ECTP to balloon over 2 Billion dollars and it is still a mess, he did a lousy job two terms with pensions but now cutting out John Liu the only comptroller to shut down massive white collar crime fraud and tax payer abuse out is going to some how help when they combine all the pensions or even a big revolving door for abuse?